February 21, 2024


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Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft returns to DedSec with Watch Dogs Legions on October 29th

Last Sunday game publisher Ubisoft held its Ubisoft Forward event formally announcing several new games. Among those are Assassins’ Creed Valhalla, Far Cry 6 and of course Watch Dogs Legions. It is the latter game I am most looking forward, even though just like the others it is yet another sequel. Watch Dogs was released in 2014 to good review, but it was somewhat rough around the edges with stiff hardware requirements and a lukewarm protagonist. Watch Dogs 2 smoothed over those edges and is still one of my favorite games.

Despite their success neither set the charts on fire with their sales and most considered the franchise to be over. However Ubisoft has not given up on this potential GTA killer and Watch Dogs Legions has been in production since the second game was released. Now Ubisoft has announced Watch Dogs Legions will release on October 29th for PC and current gen consoles.

So what is new in Watch Dogs Legions. Well mostly the protagonist. Instead of playing a super-skilled hacker who can scale walls and do other cool stuff this time they come from all walks of life. You see you get to recruit new agents directly from the street. Do you need a trigger-women, a hacker or a getaway driver, just lookup their profiles and recruit them. It is a new system that ensures the story will feel more dynamic. New recruits group into three skill categories: stealth, hacking and shooting.

Now that the hunt for DedSec is on there is no need for any of the pseudo-pacifist themes from Watch Dogs 2. It was a bit weird to pretend halfway through the game that Marcus hadn’t just wacked dozens of security guards. Despite stealth, hacking and infiltration still being the bread and butter of Watch Dogs Legions the mission will always end with a bang.

Watch Dogs Legions driving through London

The RadBrad plays Watch Dogs Legions

The second video that caught my eye was posted by RadBrad. You know the guy, he had over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. Apparently someone from Ubisoft played the game over at his house and he was allowed to post a gameplay video. Without any cutscenes. What it shows is an extended mission at the beginning of the game featuring a DedSec agent who no doubt was a former Mi6 assassin. Ubisoft has brought a distinct humoristic flair in Watch Dogs Legions. They make no attempt to hide the fact they are lampooning James Bond or the Mission Impossible franchise. I enjoyed the gunplay, shooting people in the head is an instant kill even if the ragdoll effect is a little overdone. RadBrad made mention that shooting has similarities with the John Wick franchise and I agree, but that is not a bad thing.

Graphics wise the game really starts to show its strength with crisp textures and perfect lighting. Having travelled to London on a number of occasions I note the city is accurately depicted beyond just the landmarks. The driving part of the gameplay appears is upgraded since Watch Dogs 2 and looks as smooth as GTA 5. Overall I have become even more psyched about Watch Dogs Legions. Whereas previously I knew I would purchase the game now I am actively looking forward to it. Even if the release date is just a few weeks before Cyberpunk 2077. Stay tuned to SciFiEmpire.net for more Watch Dogs Legions news. If you liked this preview than please fill out the subscription widget on the right.