May 19, 2024

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Blade Runner 2019 issue 8 cover by Andres Guinaldo

Titan Comics returns with Blade Runner 2019 issue #8

Finally after many months of delay my favorite comic series is continuing. Blade Runner 2019 is as the name suggests a comic book that started last year. It would have seen its double digit issue by now if it wasn’t for the pandemic. Instead, fans such as myself were forced to drool over the beautiful cover art created by Andres Guinaldo. Authors Michael Green and Mike Johnson also deserve praise for creating such a genuine Blade Runner experience. Though firmly rooted in the universe of the two movies this comic series is quickly developing its own lore. Since volume 2 the story has headed into outer space. Except for the novels written by K.W. Jeter it is the first time we see an off-world colony. In this case Cleo, daughter of billionaire Alexander Selwyn, chooses Ramanuja to escape from her pursuers.

Blade Runner 2019 issue 8 Cleo considers changing her outfit

Blade Runner issue #8

That alone makes it feel as if this series is unique and not a rehash. Issue #7 ends with Cleo once again trying to escape from Blade Runners. She is being hunted because of her rare Fox-13 gene which increases longevity. In Blade Runner 2019 issue #8 she and Padraic attempt to board the transport to another colony, Arcadia. Before they manage that they are intercepted by Ash, Hythe and Isobel. The latter admits she is a replicant as the original died many years ago back on Earth. Isobel also admits it was she who hired Hythe to track down Cleo. Back on Earth Eldon Tyrell is dead and so is the deal between him and Alexander Selwyn, Cleo’s father. A skeptical Ash agrees to help reunite mother and daughter. They track down Cleo just as she boards the ship to Arcadia, having traded her boyish demeanor for girly clothes.

Blade Runner 2019 issue 8 Isobel kills Hythe

It is then that Hythe turns on Ash. The latter is saved by the replicant Padraic, at the cost of his own live. Hythe laments Ash’s newfound love for replicants, considering them little more than machinery. Its a dialogue that feels out of character, as Hythe was before very self-controlled. Before either can end the standoff Isobel shoots Hythe dead. Its an echo of what happened in the first movie between Rachel and Leon. Ash is initially skeptical about Isobel’s intentions. The latter admits her memories of the original Isobel were altered to make her more plaint, thus increasing her husband’s chances of obtaining Cleo. Shooting Hythe was not the plan, which proves she can overcome her conditioning. Ash convinces Cleo to go with her mother to Arcadia. She in turn will return to Earth in order to deal with Alexander Selwyn for the last time.


After so many months of waiting I am a little bit disappointed this issue is over so quickly. Alas, that is the truth behind comic books. Blade Runner 2019 issue #8 deftly manages to cap of yet another volume. That said, with Ash returning to Earth it may not have been the most consequential of plots. It was however good to see Cleo growing into her own character instead of being the child led by the arm of her mother. In many ways this volume was her story and after all that has happened she more on equal footing with her mother. I am excited by the next volume. Issue #9 will start that storyline and it is set for release on August 26th. That was it for my review of Blade Runner 2019 issue #8. I hope you enjoyed it.