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The X-files to return for 6 episodes. Scully and Mulder.

The X-files to return for 6 episodes

The X-files to return for 6 episodes. Scully and Mulder.

The X-files to return for 6 episodes

Fans of the X-files can finally rejoice. After much speculation and half-confirmed rumors Fox is finally moving forward with a new X-files series. It will be a six-episode event series starring Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully and David Duchovny as Fox Mulder. A full season was mulled but because of scheduling conflicts it was cut down to just a short season. Last years success of 24: Live Another Day was in part inspiration to revive The X-files. A comparison that I think is odd because the 24 reboot had it share of story-telling problems. Supposedly filming for the new X-files series will start in June, but no word yet as when it will air. Show runner Chris Carter is set to return as director, writer and producer along with Frank Spotnitz.


My initial reaction to this news was skepticism. Does show-runner Chris Carter still have the magic touch to surprise, scare and awe the audience. The original X-files died of old age when the show completely lost originality. Its lead cast David Duchovny and its mysterious atmosphere (Vancouver was traded for LA) were changed for the worse. Most agree that the original run of 9 seasons was at least 3 too many. Even the first 6 seasons had plenty of bad episodes. How can Chris Carter ensure that we will get episodes such as ‘Bad Blood’, ‘Clyde Bruckman’s Final Repose’ and ‘Jose Chung’s From Outer Space‘. The 2008 movie, X-files I want to believe, strongly harkened back to early episodes but sadly failed to reverberate with its audience.

The X-files to return for 6 episodes. Gillian Anderson hot in sexy lingerie.

In a TV world of shows such as Hannibal (also starring Gillian Anderson) and True Detective is there still room for more X-files? Meanwhile fans have complained vocally about the lack of Blu-ray release for the original show. It dated sd transfer has been an eye-sore for over a decade. Yet, German and Italian viewers have been able to watch a remastered HD version for almost a year. Sadly, no English version was released so fans can’t even download a pirated copy. Normally I cannot advocate such practices but if an English transfer exists it would be a crime not to. My guestimate is that the excellent PR a reboot of The X-files will receive is incentive enough for Fox to release a Blu-ray soon.

This was ‘The X-files to return for 6 episodes’. Please feel free to share below what you think of The X-files returning!

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