May 22, 2024

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The Man In The High Castle meets Syfy Channel!

According to, Phillip K. Dick’s novel The Man In The High Castle is scheduled to be transformed into a four-part miniseries for the Syfy Channel. The series is to be produced by none other than Ridley Scott (Blade Runner, Prometheus) and X-files writer Frank Spotnitz. According to the source the miniseries has been in development hell since 2010 when production started at the BBC. Perhaps because of the fact that the story is set in America it would indeed find better prospects with the Syfy Channel. No release date has been given. As for Ridley Scott’s involvement, he is following the example of several directors with directing the pilot episodes of new series. So it is unclear whether he will direct the entire mini-series.

As for the original story…

I have read The Man In The High Castle a great many years ago, and though I liked it I found the historic revisionist aspects to be under par compared to the works of Harry Turtledove and Robert Harris (The Fatherland). A lot of the criticism can be explained by the fact that the book was written so relatively soon after WW2 during the height of the cold-war. The novel is unusual in that it has a very independently minded female protagonist who doesn’t eschew using violence. I can only speculate who may play the character of Juliana Frink. Perhaps Rachel Weisz might be a good choice. I also remember that the storylines of the male protagonists Tagomi and Frank Frink remained frustratingly unresolved. Because historical revisionism is involved the story is light on the sci-fi aspects. Essentially it is Mad Men meets Sliders. Which sounds fantastic!

More on ‘The Man in the High Castle’ as it comes in…

The man in the high castle cover - Philip K. Dick
The man in the high castle cover – Philip K. Dick