April 16, 2024


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The Blacklist S2Ep3 Dr. James Covington (No. 89) Review

The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review

The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review - agent Keen talking to reddington

The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review

Finally The Blacklist has returned to air. The wait between season 1 and 2 almost made me feel like the world had stopped. Ever since James Spader put on his felt hat in the first episode he has managed to intrigue the audience as Raymond Reddington. All TV-show characters are the product of the exposition that the show’s writers create. For Raymond Reddington this means that his character was the product of imaginative and daring fantasy. However, for agent Keen it obviously means that the writers intended for her to be the sidekick and aren’t really sure what to do with her next. The first episode of season 2 has introduced some alterations for Keen, no longer is she just the character the audience is supposed to relate to, most find it easier to relate to Reddington. She may have kept the surname Keen, but during season 1 she would not have done so. And though visual, as changes say little about the changes to her character, her new hairstyle does deserve to be mentioned. The new season of The Blacklist hasn’t forgotten what happened during the previous finale. Agent Malik death and Cooper’s injuries have been sorely felt by everybody on the team trying to track Berlin.

The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review - James Spader as Raymond Reddignton

Season 1 had its fair share of problem, some episode were just brilliant while others were sadly ridiculous. It can’t come us a full surprise as maintaining quality over 22 episodes is not easy but I do hope that consistency will watched this season. The creative staff seem aware that the show is under threat from burning itself out. The list is only so long and people will want a conclusion to the Berlin/Reddington feud. The audience weren’t cheated in this episode as Berlin does indeed appear but clever stalling techniques are also used. The re-introduction of Harold Cooper is such a technique. Not only does Raymond remind him that he can’t really put his work behind him he also hints that he knows the Cooper’s true diagnosis. This brings Cooper back to the forefront. Agent Aram Mojtabai is also brought to the forefront with the death of Malik.

The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review - Diego Klattenhoff as FBI Special Agent Donald Ressler

This episode has all the hallmarks of a show that is still being refined. New adversaries and political dimension make sure that The Blacklist will remain more than just the mystery surrounding Berlin. Only agent Keen’s former husband remain unaccounted for. Tom will sooner or later make his introduction, but for now we will continue watch agent Keen adjust to her new environment. For SciFiEmpire The Blacklist has become very important, the season finale had over 1600 hits in just two days. This was The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review.

Score; 8 / 10. A good episode of The Blacklist, sadly the villain of the week is too weird to truly take seriously.

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The Blacklist Season 2 Lord Baltimore (No. 104) Review - Harold Cooper returns