May 19, 2024

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Terra Nova – Within – Preview! **Update**

Slowly as Terra Nova progresses towards its season finale does the tension in its plot increase, and a good thing too because too many episodes early on in the show were too predictable. I am not certain how many episodes of Terra Nova are left, officially ‘Within’ is its eleventh episode, but if you count the pilot as one then its the tenth episode.

Regardless, ‘Within’ is clearly intended to set the stage for the season finale story arc and as such can make or break this series. Terra Nova at this moment hovers above the 7 million mark when it comes to its ratings and my guess is that is one or two million too low for a series this expensive. Rumors of non-renewal have been floating around the forums lately and frankly only recently have I come to hope they aren’t true.

As for the press release…


Lucas (Ashley Zuckerman) races to assemble the  final pieces of his mystery device, in advance of the 11th Pilgrimage’s arrival.  Also, Jim and Taylor confront the colony’s “Sixer” mole, Skye is reunited with a  familiar face and Terra Nova prepares for war in the all-new “Within” episode of  TERRA NOVA premiering Monday, Dec. 12 (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (TN-111)  (TV-14 D, L)

Cast: Jason O’Mara as Jim Shannon; Stephen Lang as Cmdr.  Nathaniel Taylor; Shelley Conn as Dr. Elisabeth Shannon; Landon Liboiron as Josh  Shannon; Naomi Scott as Maddy Shannon; Alana Mansour as Zoe Shannon; Allison  Miller as Skye; Christine Adams as Mira; Rod Hallett as Dr. Malcolm  Wallace.

Guest Cast: Simone Kessell as Washington; Ashley Zuckerman as  Lucas Taylor; Dean Geyer as Reynolds; Damian Walshe-Howling as Carter; Emelia  Burns as Reilly; Peter Lamb as Casey Durwin; Matt Scully as Dunham; Damien  Garvey as Boylan; Jay Ryan as Curran; Caroline Brazier as Deborah

Clearly the episode focuses on the looming eleventh pilgrimage from 2149, until now I hadn’t given it much thought. It would appear that Lucas intends to use the pilgrimage to bust open the time fracture to go both ways. At the same time there is always the looming question about what risk Terra Nova is under from the new settlers.

As for the promo video…

Now the promo video just looks spectacular, but it does advertise ‘Within’ as the season finale. That’s not quite 13 episodes, on various forums it has been speculated that the finale is a two hour show just like the pilot. I hope they are right.

‘Within’ is set to air on december 12th.


It would appear my fears were ungrounded, ‘Within’ is not the season finale. Instead the finale will air on december the 19th and be a two part story arc.

The episodes are entitled ‘Occupation’ and ‘Resistance’.

Please stay tuned to for an in-depth preview of the season finale.

And promo still…