Programming Games: What are they? Are they any fun?

Over the last few years I have played a number of programming games. It had me questioning as to why. There must be a reason I play them like some sort of Pavlov reaction. Especially the Zachtronics games have become my favorites. The challenge and novelty are certainly reasons, but ultimately they approach a world […]

Playing with the AIY Google Vision Kit: Part 1 – Assembly and Demos

AIY Google Vision Kit For a few months now I have been salivating at the idea of owning an AIY Vision Kit. The kit is sponsored by Google and allows makers to build their own intelligent camera for object and face recognition. As I have caught the maker and Deep Learning bug some time ago […]

Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners now available on Amazon

Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners I wanted to give you guys the news that my computer book is now available for pre-order from Amazon. The book, entitled Linux, Programming and Hacking for Beginners, is for sale in the Kindle store for $ 2.99. You can download it directly to your Kindle or as an PDF and read […]