Preview of The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

Today I write a short preview forThe Ministry for the Future. There are a number of science fiction authors of which I read every single novel published. Alastair Reynolds, William Gibson, Neal Stephenson, Charles Stross and of course Kim Stanley Robinson. Just as with the others I have read every entry in his bibliography. In […]

Red Moon Review – Kim Stanley Robinson brings China to the forefront

Red Moon Review Red Moon is a difficult novel to review. Set in a future which is as close to what you might think the future should be. There are no impossible flying cars or teleportation devices. Instead there is private space flight, small colonies on the moon and quantum-entanglement based secure communication. Red Moon […]

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson a Review

Aurora Review Author Kim Stanley Robinson released a new novel this year, Aurora. I considered it time to gather my thoughts and write a review for this very good book that alas also has some major deficiencies. Aurora is set some 500 hundred years into future on a generation ship. It’s goal is the Tau Ceti […]