Snowpiercer S01E02 Prepare to Brace Review

After last weeks premiere of Snowpiercer I was very much looking forward to episode 2. Usually the second episode focuses on setting up the backstory and take a break from the hectic plotting of the premiere. Snowpiercer is no different. Former detective Andre Layton is quickly pushed into conducting his homicide investigation of one of […]

A solid start to Snowpiercer starring Jennifer Connolly

In 2013 we got the Korean / American produced movie Snowpiercer. Set on a train in a future in which the world has frozen over. Only those on the train can survive, as long as it keeps rolling. To top off this already weird plot premise there is class inequality onboard, depending on your choice […]

2020 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Series

As a follow-up to my previous article I now list 2020 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Series. As with the list of Sci-Fi I limit the number of superhero series as well as sci-fi – so that excludes anything with zombies, wands, teen-angst and Doctor Who. For the most part this list won’t surprise may people, but […]

Alita: Battle Angel Review

Alita: Battle Angel is an adaptation of Yukito Kishiro original manga series Battle Angel Alita. Directed by Robert Rodriguez this movie has been in development for ages. I think I heard first mention of it back in 2001. Originally the movie was supposed to be directed by James Cameron as a prelude project to Avatar. […]