Avengers Age Of Ultron Trailer Released

Due to the leak of an copy of the Avengers Age Of Ultron trailer online Marvel has decided to officially release it a week earlier. Set to the tune of an alternate version of Pinocchio’s ‘there are no strings on me’ we have a 2 minute and 16 second Ultron fest. The Avengers by comparison seem defeated and […]

Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD

Lucy Lawless joins the cast of Agents of SHIELD Slowly the news is starting to trickle in about the second season of Agents of SHIELD. The show is scheduled to premiere on September 23, 2014. I think most people interested can be split into two groups. The first group want to see more of the Marvel Universe because they […]

Preview of Agents of SHIELD Season 1 Finale

Yesterday we finally got the news that ABC’s Agents of SHIELD has been renewed for a second season. Half way during its first season it was touch and go as the ratings kept dropping. They finally stabilized at 5.5 million viewers watching on TV with a total 9 million viewers including those using DVR. That is […]

Agents of SHIELD S1Ep20 Nothing Personal Review

It is a strange sensation to actually look forward to a new episode of Agents of SHIELD. During the first ten episodes of this season that rarely happened. The show has improved considerably and I am actually sad that after this weeks episode there are only two until the season is concluded. This week sees the […]

Agents of SHIELD S1Ep19 The Only Light in the Darkness Review

Agents of SHIELD has finally managed to get itself into higher gear with the Captain America story tie-in. Ever since episode 17 ‘Turn, turn, turn’ fans have been casually positive about what they perceive as a reboot. Before the tie-in I had an opportunity to rewatch all the episodes and I must say that I found some of my […]