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Navigators of Dune – See the cover of Brian Herbert and K.J. Anderson’s last Dune novel

The final Dune – Navigators of Dune Next year, May 2016, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson will release the third and last novel in their Great Schools of Dune trilogy. The last installment is as called Navigators of Dune, as rumored. After having read and reviewed the previous two novels, Sisterhood of Dune and Mentats of Dune I am looking forward to the concluding story. The novels set in the Dune universe written by Frank Herbert’s son Brian Herbert and his co-author Kevin J. Anderson have always been controversial among fans. Their first trilogy, Prelude to Dune with titles such as...

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Mentats of Dune Review + Free Giveaway!

Another year has passed so we can read yet another novel of the Dune Expanded Universe. This year the book is entitled Mentats of Dune. Though there are many mentats in the story the title is mostly used for decorative purposes in a way similar to all Brian Herbert/Kevin J. Anderson Dune novels. Mentats is the second book in the Schools of Dune trilogy that focuses on the creation of the Empire after the Butlerian Jihad. Specifically it focusses on organizations such as the Bene Gesserit, The Mentat School and The Spacing Guild. As this is the second book in the trilogy it is blessed with not being obligated to lay down...