My thoughts on Disney doing more Star Wars, Avatar and the MCU

Yesterday Disney showed a multi-year line-up of movies as part of its ongoing merger with 21st Century Fox. There is plenty to see on the list as the studio owns Star Wars, the Marcel Cinematic universe, its own well-stocked lineup and Avatar. For the latter it has been announced that the first of FOUR sequels […]

Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies (2018 and beyond) – from Mute, to Dune to Neuromancer

Most Anticipated Sci-Fi Movies 2017 was among the best years for Science Fiction at the cinema. With movies such as The Last Jedi, Blade Runner 2049 and Logan. But what ‘great’ sci-fi movies can we look forward to from this point on. Below I have a compiled a list of movies that are in one […]