Book review Made To Order: Robots and Revolution

Now that I am shut in due to the corona epidemic I read a lot. My review of Chassepot to FAMAS by Ian McCollum appears to be well read. During the weekend I also read through a short story anthology edited by Jonathan Strahan entitled Made To Order: Robots and Revolution. You can purchase it […]

Review: Bone Silence by Alastair Reynolds

Bone Silence is the third and last book in the Revenger Universe after Revenger and Shadow Captain. These two books introduced some interesting mysteries that hinge on a number of elements found throughout the works of Alastair Reynolds. In this series humanity lives in an altered solar system devoid of large planetary bodies. Instead there […]

Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds Review – The Maestro of SF revisits the Glitter Band

Elysium Fire by Alastair Reynolds Review Another year and thus another Alastair Reynolds novel is released. Well, strictly speaking, we did not get a novel in 2017 – but we got two in 2016 (Revenger and The Medusa Chronicles). And Elysium Fire was released in January. So its not all bad – right? Elysium Fire is the direct […]

The Maestro of SF Alastair Reynolds returns to Revelation Space with Elysium Fire

Elysium Fire Today celebrated author Alastair Reynolds announced the title for his next novel – Elysium Fire. Better yet, Reynolds announced the novel will be set in the Revelation Space universe. This will mark a departure from Poseidon’s Children and a return to the universe that made him famous. Elysium Fire will in fact be […]

Tips on Writing Fiction: Part 1 – Finishing that first draft

Tips on Writing Fiction After the release of my second novel Roland, which you can purchase on Amazon Kindle, I thought it a great idea to write a short series articles on the writing process itself. After about a decade spent as a writer I think I have something to offer other prospective writer’s. So far I […]

Revenger review – Alastair Reynolds shows us a world of pirates and skulls, in space

Revenger Writing this review of Revenger is hard. The novel was released in September 2016 and though I am a major Alastair Reynolds fan I initially passed. I am not sure why, Revenger was hinted at by the author for a long time, but its sudden release made me worry it wasn’t that good. I need not have worried, […]

Beyond the Aquila Rift: Alastair Reynolds short fiction collection

Beyond the Aquila Rift Sometime ago I wrote a preview about the upcoming works of famed sci-fi author Alastair Reynolds. Well, fans of his writing can look forward to even more of his stories. First up is BEYOND THE AQUILA RIFT: THE BEST OF ALASTAIR REYNOLDS. This is a collection of the author’s short fiction and novellas. […]

Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson a Review

Aurora Review Author Kim Stanley Robinson released a new novel this year, Aurora. I considered it time to gather my thoughts and write a review for this very good book that alas also has some major deficiencies. Aurora is set some 500 hundred years into future on a generation ship. It’s goal is the Tau Ceti […]