June 13, 2024


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Syfy cancels Alphas!

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Syfy cancels alphas. And so there were none, after Eureka, Stargate Universe and Caprica Syfy Channel has axed its last true science-fiction show Alphas after just two seasons. You can count Continuum as being part of the Syfy Channel if you want to but that doesn’t alter the fact that Syfy Channel has been pretty much shooting down all the fan-favorite shows for over a decade now (Farscape, Stargate Atlantis, Sliders and Sanctuary to just name a few). At the moment that just leaves Haven and Warehouse 13 and they are both a bit light on the creative side as well as on the sci-fi side. What is worse is that there are no new shows scheduled to start airing in 2013, and I certainly hate the dry spells.

Alphas was canceled due to low viewership. It’s numbers were lousy since the first episode and I must admit I lost interest during season 2. Alphas was far too familiar for my taste, with a muddled super-hero turned freak characters. Only David Straithairn and guest star Summer Glau managed to shine.

As for Haven, Continuum and Warehouse 13. Expect the season 3 finale review of Haven tomorrow, though I can reveal that it was slightly less excellent than expected but the show overall still has promise. As for myself I am very eager to see the second season of Continuum which I hope will start airing in late spring. The show manages to balance drama and sci-fi elements rather well and wasn’t as undercooked as Alcatraz or Terra Nova. As for Warehouse 13, its bit of a on/off love affair that has slowly turned ‘off’ again. My best bet is that either this season or the next will be its last because its basic premise has been exploited to the full.

Fans of previous TV-shows on the Syfy Channel are left with one question. Where is the next Lost, Eureka,  Battlestar Galactica or Stargate? Only the new TV-show Defiance has a shot at that title and that show is on NBC and will start airing on April 15th.

Source; www.syfy.com/alphas/

Summer Glau - Firefly
Summer Glau – Alphas regular