June 13, 2024


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Starfleet Academy The Assassination Game cover revealed!

The Assassination Game

After less than a week to go until its supposed June 26th release date publishers Simon & Schuster have finally revealed the cover of the fourth installment in The Starfleet Academy young adult novel series. Book 4 is entitled The Assassination game and is written by Alan Gratz. So far, I have reviewed all earlier novels in the series and I must say I am looking forward to this one. And even though the plots seems to have elements from the 1980’s movie Gotcha it also seems that series will continue its often bleak view of reality.

The cover itself is OK I think, it seems to continue the style of the earlier covers while also adopting IDW’s retro look they use for their comics. The third character besides Kirk and Uhura is of course Hikaru Sulu (played by George Takei in TOS and by John Cho in the Star Trek Reboot), as far as I recall his character was not yet introduced in Starfleet Academy series. In the previous novel, The Gemini Agent, we were introduced to Pavel Chekov who was certainly the best character in an otherwise lackluster novel.

Here is the synopsis of The Assassination Game…

The rules are simple: Draw a target. Track him down and “kill” him with a spork. Take your victim’s target for your own. Oh, and make sure the player with your name doesn’t get to you first. No safe zones. No time-outs. The game ends when only one player remains. James T. Kirk is playing for fun. Leonard “Bones” McCoy is playing to get closer to a girl. But when a series of terrorist attacks rock the usually placid Starfleet Academy campus, it becomes clear that somebody is playing the game for real. Is it one of the visiting Varkolak, on Earth to attend an intergalactic medical conference? Or could it be a member of a super-secret society at the Academy dedicated to taking care of threats to the Federation, no matter what rules they have to break to do it? Find out in The Assassination Game, the fourth installment in Spotlight’s exciting series for teens.

See you back on SciFiEmpire.net for the review of The Assassination Game.

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