June 19, 2024


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Star Wars (2020) #2 cover

Star Wars (2020) #2 Review The Destiny Path Part 2

Star Wars (2020) #2 cover

Early in January Marvel started a new Star Wars comic series -The Destiny Path. If you have not yet read that issue then go on to my review. The comic series is also referred to as Star Wars 2020, which is what I will be using. The writer is Charles Soule and so far he has done a marvelous job of making it feel like ‘genuine’ Original Trilogy. The humor, banter and character traits are spot on. Star Wars (2020) #2 sees Lando and Chewbacca go on a scouting mission for Han while Leia deals with the Rebels broken security codes.

Star Wars (2020) #2 Lando talks with Leia and Luke

Chewbacca and Lando

The story starts with a bitter argument between Lando and Leia. The latter still does not trust Lando’s intent on staying with the rebels and saving Han. Yet, she is forced to send Lando and Chewbacca on their way to scout Jabba’s palace on Tatooine. Lando knows his way there. Luke continues to deal with his missing hand, his missing lightsaber and the dark revelation that Vader is his father. Arriving at Tatooine the Millennium Falcon with Lando and Chewie are nearly blown up by TIE-fighters. Only for them to be destroyed and replaced by bounty hunters hellbent on capturing Han Solo. Lando manages to convince them Han has already been captured and gains an audience with Jabba.

The latter declines Lando’s offer of retaking Cloud City and assumes Lando has an ulterior motive. Lando nearly ends up being beheaded by the Gamorrean guard when he makes the offer to spy on the rebels for Jabba. It will be interesting to see how the writer will make us think this could actually happen. Back with the rebel fleet Lando confronts Luke, stating that without his lightsaber Luke won’t be of much use to anyone. Lando asks Luke to go with him to Cloud City right under the noses of the Empire and attempt to recover the saber.

Star Wars (2020) #2 Lando and Chewbacca arrive at Tatooine

Princess Leia and the rebels

The second storyline of this issue is that of Leia and the remnants of the rebel cell she is with. After their flight from Hoth the rebel fleet scattered. Yet as we saw in issue # 1 those independent cells were attacked as soon as they tried to contact each other. Leia along with Commander Grek and the other leaders of the cell discuss their options. They cannot use their communications, as those are clearly compromised by the Empire. However, to do nothing will mean the cells will wither away or be defeated outright when they are found.

To the reader the option appears clear. Use a starfighter or small craft and send it to a location from which a quick escape is possible. There the craft can transmit a message warning the other cells. Somehow the writers of this comic state that the recipient of the message can also be discovered. In the end Leia and Commander Grek offer a dangerous solution – the solution has to do with a mysterious prior mission called Operation Starlight. What that is we will find out in issue # 3.

Star Wars (2020) #2 Lando has an audience with Jabba The Hut

My opinion on Star Wars (2020) #2

While I enjoyed Star Wars (2020) #2 it did have some weaknesses. The plotline involving Leia and the rebels did not captivate me much. Perhaps seeing things from the imperial side for a few pages would have made it more exciting. In fact, Commander Zahra, only introduced in the last issue, is completely absent as is Darth Vader. The banter between Chewie and Lando is good fun, but the mission to Jabba was reckless and ultimately fruitless. The question does arise, “What is Boba Fett doing with Han Solo?”. The comic ends with Lando, Chewie and Luke going on a mission to Cloud City in an attempt to recover Luke’s lightsaber. Now that is a storyline I can get behind. See you here for issue 3 which is set for release on February 26th.