July 21, 2024


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Star Wars 1313 GamesCom Gameplay Trailer!

Star Wars 1313

At GamesCom LucasArts revealed a new trailer for their adult shooter Star Wars 1313. I say adult because they have in mind something more gritty and provocative than what has usually been done with the Star Wars franchise. The game is more ‘Han shoots first’ than ‘Greedo shoots first’ if you know what I mean. The subtitle 1313 refers to the subterranean levels of the planet Coruscant that have been taken over by a group of shady characters and our protagonist has to stop them. I hope the game’s producers will also attempt to make this a more of a ‘Princess Leia in a metal bikini’ kind of game and not ‘Princess Leia dressed like a nun’ game. The Star Wars live action TV-show that has been in development hell for a several years seems to have many similarities to this game, hmmpf.

To me the game seems similar to the upcoming Star Trek scheduled for a May 2013 release, something I don’t really mind.

Star Wars 1313 is still scheduled for a 2013 release date.

Here is the trailer…

And here are some screenshots…