May 22, 2024

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Star Trek Typhon Pact: The Struggle Within eBook Review!

Depsite the fact that the Star Trek franchise recieved an official reboot back in 2009 the original franchise timeline continues. During the last two years we have seen the expanded universe of TNG, DS9 and VOY dealing with the aftermath of the Borg invasion. These novels and stories contain considerably more drama and emphasize personal development rather than exploring. So far they have been quite to my liking and slowly these storylines are emerging from the post-Borg invasion setting into a a new direction which seems difficult to plot.

One effort to bring some order into the expanded universe is the Typhon Pact book series of which 4 novels have so far been released and all contain characters from the three afore mentioned series. One book stood out as being rather piss-poor, that being book 3 ‘Rough Beasts of Empire’ which I urge no one to read.

Finally, as do 4 books weren’t enough we get one more eBook novella featuring the TNG crew. Quite frankly is was a disapointment, it didn’t please or entertain in any way. Where did it go wrong?

First off, its a novella, meaning its very short. The characters have barely any pages to actually develop and the same goes for the plot, which is very simplistic.

Second, the novella is actually two short stories that have nothing in common and further gives the whole a murky image.

The writer Christopher L Bennett tries to introduce pacifistic ideas on government change into the story and this is the sole area in which he succeeds. Then again, he might as well write a book on the subject and give it the proper treatment. Such ideals are certainly part of the Star Trek Universe, one thing that the Typhon Pact series has been trying to adress is how the franchise seems to be slowly slipping away from the ideals set by Gene Roddenberry. The problem is that it makes the plot resolve itself, if the course of action is to do nothing than that does not make for very exciting reading.

Now as for the two short stories, few new characters are introduced and those that are get killed off so there is no point on analyzing how captain Picard wants his earl grey in this story as I will let you all find that out yourself.

As for the synopsis…

An original e-novella in the acclaimed Typhon Pact series! The Enterprise-E is on a diplomatic mission to the Talarian Republic, the last holdout in the Federation’s efforts to expand the Khitomer Accords in response to the emergence of the Typhon Pact. In the wake of Andor’s recent secession, the Federation is more concerned than ever with strengthening its alliances. The Talarians have been a tenuous potential partner at best, given the history of conflict and mistrust between them and the Federation. But the negotiations between Picard and the Talarians are disrupted by a growing public protest of those who are demanding greater rights – and before long, it becomes clear that the dissidents are not limiting themselves to nonviolent means…

Score; 6 / 10.

At this moment there has been no news on any Typhon Pact follow-ups.