June 18, 2024


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The Next Level - TNG HD transfer

Star Trek TNG HD transfer ‘The Next Level’ set for January 31st!

Trekmovie.com has managed to get two screenshots of the TNG HD transfer, the screens include side boxes because the series was shot in 4:3 ratio.

I must say the colors are a vast improvement from the rather washed out colors of the DVD transfer. The increase in detailing is harder to see but is more noticeable in the trailer released a few weeks back.

Still no firm release date for season 1 but this HD promo disk will arrive on Blu-ray on the 31st of this month for a rather steep price of 21.99. Amazon.com has a preorder price of 14.99.

Apart from ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ and ‘Sins of the father’ the disc will also include the episode ‘Inner Light’.

Encounter at Farpoint - bridge crew.

Sins of the father - Klingon High Council.

Trekweb.com has managed to get a small excerpt of an interview done with Marina Sirtis…

Journalist Ian Spelling posted a new interview with Star Trek The Next Generation actress Marina Sirtis and here is an excerpt.

‘‘I’m a total Luddite, not good with any technology at all,’’ says  Sirtis ‘‘I was not ready to be impressed when I  went to CBS to see what they were doing with the Blu-ray, but it was  amazing.

‘‘It was amazing because one of the things I’d always felt about our  show was how I felt about the original Star Trek when I  watched that 20 years later,’’ she continues, ‘‘and that’s how dated it  looked. So I was feeling that about The Next Generation, that it looked  dated because the technology had come so far since the 1990s, since we’d made the show. We were state of the art in the 1990s, but technology  put us in this time capsule, really.

‘‘Now, with this Blu-ray technology, it looks like we shot it yesterday.’’

‘‘There’s a nice mix there in the sampler of action and character-driven stories,’’ Sirtis says, speaking by telephone from her Los Angeles  home. ‘‘I think they made a really nice choice of episodes, though I  still can’t watch the pilot because I was really amazed that they let me keep my job after that. I describe my performance in that as ‘ Sophie’s Choice meets Star Trek’. It was just way too emotional. It was awful,  and I thought for sure that I was going to be fired. Aside from that, I  can watch the other two.

‘‘I was a little worried that the highdefinition aspect would freak me  out,’’ she admits, ‘‘but then I remembered, of course, that I’m 25 years older now, that I was 25 years younger then, and that it doesn’t  matter. It’s fine. I’m okay with how I’ve aged — thank you, Mom, thank  you, Dad. It’s genetic, because I don’t really do anything. I can’t take any credit for it.’’

The full interview can be found at the following link.