February 21, 2024


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Star Trek Picard - Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc

Star Trek Picard officially announced as Star Trek: Picard

Star Trek Picard logo

CBS has announced the official title for the new Star Trek Picard series – its called Star Trek: Picard. Ensure you did not miss the colon ‘:’ in the name, otherwise you clicked on the link to article for nothing.

To be sure, I am very happy CBS is proceeding with the new show. Jean-Luc Picard, played by Patrick Stewart, may well be the most liked Star Trek character. Famous as the captain of the Enterprise-D (and later E) during the Next Generation era that started in 1987.

Nothing has been confirmed about the release date, but I am still expecting a later 2019 premiere. The first season will run for the length of 10 episodes. The series has bene created for CBS All Access, its streaming service. For those living outside the US and Canada can watch it on Amazon Prime.

Star Trek Picard - Patrick Stewart as Jean-Luc

First leaks

So was anything else announced? Well CBS show a teaser with the logo. Also we got out first look of Patrick Stewart playing Jean-Luc. But this not from the teaser, it was from a CBS presentation. The footage shows an aged Picard with people wearing Starfleet uniforms around him. Supposedly from a description of the footage they do not know him.

This begs the questions “What is going”. Has Q taken Picard on another adventure similar to the episode ‘tapestry’?. Is Picard delusional or is it just a harmless part of aging – your not recognized by you peers. Alex Kurtzman, who is on of the creative staff did state the show has a slower pace – almost meditative. That at least sound like a step in the direction of TNG.

As much as I want this series I also remain skeptical. Discovery has so far not been to my taste – too much drama. And I am not certain there is a place for the suave Picard from the 80s on TV today. How long before a nostalgia trip meant as fanservice grows tiring? There are plenty of concerns to be had with Star Trek Picard, but anything would be better than Discovery at this stage.

See you back in the fall for the reviews for Star Trek Picard.