March 4, 2024

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Star Trek Phase 2 the Child is Online!

Well, I guess most of you have heard of the fan series Phase 2 created by James Cawley and Jack Marshall. CBS tolerates this fan production as long as they don;t try to earn a profit, the series was started in 2004 and is managing to release one episode per year (though they hope to accelerate this).

Here is the episode streamed or you by YouTube.

For many fans the title may sound familiar, that’s because there was a similar episode during TNG season 1. Gene Roddenberry reused scripts from the ill-fated Phase 2 and reworked them, this version of The Child is as the writer has originally envisioned it.

After watching the above episode I must say that I think this series is starting to get the hang of it, only the first few scenes are a bit less, perhaps taking a few more shots will make the cast loosen up a bit.