February 21, 2024


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Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Benjamin Franklin decapitated

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane in 1781

The second season of Sleepy Hollow is finally over. It was a bot of a mixed bag. There was a lot of good, and a lot of bad. The bad were mostly the apocalyptic storylines that were recycled over and over again. The good usually revolved around Ichabod finding his way in the modern world, but the addition of Hawley and the extra screen-time given to Jenny were also welcome. As the series may not be renewed due to low ratings this last episode, Tempus Fugit, may also be considered a series finale. Luckily it works well for both, but I hope this show will be renewed as it doe shave potential.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Abbie warns Ichabod about the horseman

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review

In the previous episode Abbie was sent back to the year 1781 by a vengeful Katrina. After she fails to properly introduce herself she is immediately incarcerated. She has little time as the deadly encounter between Ichabod and the horseman of death is to happen soon.

The Ichabod Crane of 1781 is severely tested in this episode. Not only does he need to accept that Abbie is indeed from the 2015, but he also needs to come around to the idea that his wife is in league with the horseman of death and wants Ichabod’s head on a platter. That Abbie is indeed from the year 2015 is easily proven when he attempts to access her mobile phone and discover what she meant with a selfie. When Ichabod does accept Abbie’s story he takes her to see Benjamin Franklin, only there to be confronted with the facts about his wife. It was something Abbie was wanting to lead up to but she did not manage it before the Horsemen decapitates Franklin and serves his head on a platter instead. Both are in deep trouble over the death of Franklin. For Ichabod it will mean a court-martial for sure.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Benjamin Franklin decapitated

Abbie and Ichabod manage to escape their incarceration and plan to head out to Fredericks’ manor where Grace Dickson. Only she can undo the spell on Abbie and send her back to 2015. Katrina and the Hessian horseman of death suspect that Ichabod believes Abbie and set out to stop them. As Grace and Abbie attempt to undo the spell Ichabod is forced into combat with the horseman. They manage to succeed only just in time before the horseman kills him. However, in 2015 Abbie is immediately confronted with Katrina who seeks revenge for the death of Henry. Ichabod of 2015 sees no choice but to stab Katrina. In her dying moments she sees Henry, before she burns away.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Grace

In the last scene of the episode Abbie is confronted by Frank Irving. Jenny manages to convince her Irving is not possessed. Abbie convinces the group that the war is not over.


It remains to be seen whether Sleepy Hollow will be renewed for a third season. In interviews the shows creative staff acknowledged they went overboard with the apocalyptic story arc. Their future plans are to concentrate on smaller story arcs that perhaps just last a few episodes. Season 2 already showed some of the changes along with extended cast. The addition of Hawley and the extra screen-time Jenny and Irving got were rewarding. Strangely enough, the principal characters Abbie, Katrina and Ichabod still remain somewhat of a mystery to me. with each episode we learn something new about them, some experience that suddenly in that episode becomes important. Subsequently this development is never mentioned again and indeed the characters did not undergo a development because of them. Such gimmicky background facts can quickly become tiresome. Thus for season 3 there are some very clear Do’s and Don’ts that give me a hopeful feeling.

Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Katrina dying

Tempus Fugit, is an excellent season finale (and perhaps series finale). It is essentially a reboot and it answers the question how Abbie would hold up in 1781. With the tables turned it is her turn to try and fit in. Which of course she fails to do in a way that makes Marty McFly’s problems look meaningless. After explaining to Ichabod why certain building in Sleepy Hollow will become Starbucks. she finally manages to get some measure of trust. Her encounters reaches a crescendo with Benjamin Franklin before his untimely and frankly hilarious demise at the hands of the horseman of death. Tempus Fugit was a well thought out episode that proofs Sleepy Hollow can be engaging if it wants to be. For season 3 I certainly hope to see more of 1781. This was Sleepy Hollow Season 2 Finale Review. Give me your opinion on whether you think Sleepy Hollow should be renewed for a third season.

Score; 8.5 / 10. An excellent episode of Sleepy Hollow that proofs this show can succeed if the creative staff dare to.

Source; http://www.fox.com/sleepy-hollow/

Below I have added some screen caps form the episode Paradise Lost to round up the principal cast.

Sleepy Hollow Paradise Lost. Hawley Sleepy Hollow Paradise Lost. Lyndie Greenwood in short leather skirt Sleepy Hollow Paradise Lost. Horseman of death