April 18, 2024


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Sherlock Holmes

Read my Sherlock Holmes short story on FanFiction.net

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes on FanFiction.net

Fans of Sherlock Holmes can read a short story I wrote on FanFiction.net (follow the link to the story). I just uploaded Sherlock Holmes The adventure of the Second Woman Who Wasn’t. And so I cannot be certain others can read it straight away. It is a Science Fiction story with background references to Neural Networks and crime solving computer systems. I had been wanting to do a Sherlock Holmes story for a while. At first I considered combining it with Star Trek (a lot of Trekkies are Holmes fans too). However, the story is instead set in the modern world and Sherlock is an A.I. simulator tasked with solving modern crimes. I drew a lot of inspiration from series such as Person of Interest and its A.I. protagonist The Machine.

Meanwhile my writing efforts have not gone unrewarded and deep into a space opera. The first chapter of which I might preview as a teaser at the end of the month.

I am pleased a lot of people enjoyed my article on the Franzis Retro Arcade Kit. However, normal service will resume from now on. So for next week I have lined up a review of Charles Stross’s Dark State, a novel in the Merchant Princess series. Also I will be reviewing The X-Files and Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. The latter is a Sci-fi anthology series produced by Channel 4 and is now also available on Amazon. The series has been getting rave review and so I will see if it is worthwhile (I am sorry for the word ‘rave’, but I had to use it once).

I hope you enjoy reading my Sherlock Holmes story and do enjoy the Sunday afternoon.