June 18, 2024


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Rogue One - Star Destroyer under attack

Rogue One Digital Release Review – Does the movie transcend mediums?

Rogue One - Jeddha explosion

Rogue One: A Digital Release

Today, anyone who has not yet seen the first Star Wars Anthology movie – Rogue one: A Star Wars Story – can do so. The movie has officially been released as a digital product on iTunes and Amazon Video. This release comes ahead of the DVD and Blu-Ray release set for April 4th. Below you can read my commentary on whether the download is worth it or if you should wait.

Rogue One - Felicity Jones as Jyn Erso

Rogue One: The Movie

Rogue One does not need much of an introduction. It is the first of the anthology movies in which the Star Wars universe is further explored. The story is set just days before the events of A New Hope. Renegade Jyn Erso (played by Felicity Jones) must attempt to discover what her father Galen Erso has been designing for the Empire. Her compatriot Captain Cassian Andor (Diego Luna) of the rebel intelligence arm has the secret mission of assassinating Galen if the rumors of a superweapon are true. The story continuous to follow the small rebel group as it attempts to discover the plans for what will become known as the Death Star. The movie is dark, it has a sense of realism that borders on movies such as Saving Private Ryan and Zero Dark Thirty. Yet I don’t mind it is dark, exploring other sides of humanity has always been strong with Star Wars.

Rogue One - Diego Luna as Cassian Andor

The director – Gareth Andrew – has succeeded in creating a movie that brought out more emotion than The Force Awakens did. I saw Rogue One for the first time in 3D. Though I am not big fan of 3D I will say that I believe the experience to be superior in the case for Rogue one. One thing that might be considered a pet-peeve is that the movie is somewhat dark visually. I mean the illumination is not always as I want it. There may be reasons for that, but I noticed it in the cinema and on my home video set up.

Rogue One - Orson Krennic

Rogue One: The Download

I purchased Rogue One from Amazon Video. I didn’t bother streaming it, but instead opted to download the movie in its entirety. That way I can watch it with my favorite video player. The digital download retails for $ 19.95. I think the price is a little high. For just $ 24.99 you can pre-order the Blu-Ray version at BestBuy.com. That also includes a Digital Download copy. Currently Amazon offers the purchaser the chance to download the movie to two locations. So I guess laptop viewing is possible for those who want to.

Rogue One - Star Destroyer under attack

If you haven’t seen Rogue One then you should definitely see it – even if you ware not a Star Wars fan. Rogue One manages to rise above Star Wars. That said, the Digital release might be convenient but it is pricey. The Blu-ray release however comes in all forms and packages and so it is hard to recommend which you should purchase.