May 19, 2024

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Review of The Making Of NO TIME TO DIE

Hey guys, this is just a short video on the book that has been released for the latest James Bond movie No Time To Die. The book by Mark Salisbury carries the full title No Time To Die: The Making of the Film. Basically, it explains how No Time To Die came to be. The readers will get insights on how Cary Fukunaga was attracted to direct, replacing Danny Boyle. How the sets were built, what considerations were made to esthetics and the story on how the movie was actually filmed.

I have read numerous books on the behind-the-scenes process of making a film. And this is a coffee table book, not a paperback with in-depth details. The Making of the Film instead features gorgeous photography while also discussing the highlights of the production. With its size of 30cm by 27 cm and with 192 pages this is very much a coffee table book and can be read through in a few hours. Those that do want to know the in-depth details of the production of No Time To Die should be aware of that.

The Making Of NO TIME TO DIE 1

Nonetheless, I was aware this is a coffee table book and that is why I bought it. The author Mark Salisbury was given extensive access to the production and this book features information from interviews held with producers Barbara Broccoli, Michael Wilson, director Cary Fukunaga, actors Daniel Craig and Lea Seydoux (among others) but also cinematographer Linus Sandgren, production designer Mark Tidlesley, Set decorator Veronique Melery and costume designer Suttirat Larlarb. Each has their thoughts on the various scenes and the characters, sets and costumes that are part of that scene – though for the most part we only get a brief snippet of information.

Anecdotes from The Making Of NO TIME TO DIE

However, I found the production details fascinating. Filming started in Norway with the scene in which Rami Malek’s characters Safin attempts to assassinate Mr. White and his family. Cary had a very clear vision of what he wanted and to achieve that the home of the young Madeleine was actually built on the ice. Considering it was March and the ice was already intermittently thawing there were risks. Shots of the young Madeleine struggling underneath the ice were filmed in pinewood and included sheets of ice flown in from Norway. They were then suspended above poles in pool of ice-cold water.

The Making Of NO TIME TO DIE 2

The book is filled with such anecdotal stories that I think should be the bread and butter of any such coffee table book. Next the book describes the lengthy production in Matera, Italy including creating the fake cemetery and the lengthy process of filming the car chase scene which differs from most other Bond chase scenes in that the filming is focused on the actors inside the iconic DB5. For each of the book’s chapters we get an explanation of why a location was chosen, why it should be included in No Time To Die before the lengthy process begins in realizing this vision. Director Cary Fukunaga is not above improvisation however.

Worth buying!

The Making of No Time To Die is one of the best behind the scenes coffee table books I have read. Worthy for the legacy of the movie that is Daniel Craig’s last outing as James Bond. The book is on par with last years TENET, though perhaps not as good as The Art and Soul Blade Runner of 2049 which I consider to be the gold standard. Note that the print date is April 2020 which is caused by pandemic delaying its release.

The Making Of NO TIME TO DIE 3

I hope you enjoyed this brief review of The Making of No Time To Die, at 40 euros I think it is worth buying even if you are a casual fan of No Time To Die. For serious fans of James Bond this book is an absolute must buy. Please click on the like and subscribe button to help my channel.