March 4, 2024

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Will Byers Secret Files 4

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Will Byers Secret Files 1

It has only been just over 2 months since season 3 of Stranger Things aired on Netflix. The series, set in the early 80s has been a fan favorite since its start in 2016. Featuring a group of youths in the town of Hawkins, Indiana who must deal with the illegal experiments wrought upon its citizens. Will Byers is one of the group members. The other core members are Mike, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven (El). However over the course of three season this group as changed, now Mad Max, Steve and Jonathan can also be said to be included.

The fun stuff

Will Byers Secret Files 2

This binder is about Will. It deals with the aftermath of events he had to suffer through in season 1. Will was trapped in another dimension called the Upside Down and afterwards was processed by an alien. This binder shows his progress to recovery. You can read parts of his medical record, a short story he has written, see ticket stubs to movies he had viewed with his friends and much more. But at 68 pages you will have read through it within an hour or so.

Will Byers Secret Files is just too short

Will Byers Secret Files 3

However, despite the fun references to the many adventures the group has had there is very little new in these Secret Files. The diary ends in 1985 in the summer. There are a few references to the third season, but nothing about what happens after. Season 3 of course ends with Will and his mother Joyce leaving Hawkins. They leave along with El, who is an orphan for a second time. However, these Secret Files make no reference to that at all. In fact, the diary state that Will and El have only met once before season 3 started.

Will Byers Secret Files 4

As such I think this book was meant as a companion to season 3 – intended for release before and not after. With Mike and El promising to each other during Thanksgiving it is weird there is no reference to that by Will.


Will Byers Secret Files 5

Will Byers Secret Files was a fun read, but also fleeting. It was nice to see the many references to the 80s: The Smiths, Star Wars, Ghostbusters and The Terminator. However, young audience members won’t get the reference and for adults this binder jut isn’t enough. The Secret Files read like a quick distillation of all the references to Will Byers from the first three seasons. I wish it had been more, it could have been more had its creators put in more effort. My suggestion is to skip Will Byers Secret Files unless you are a die-hard completion fan.