February 21, 2024


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Now wait for last year

Now wait for last year

Philip K. Dick’s ‘Now wait for last year’ is going to hit the cinema

Studio’s have since a decade been in love with both the name and stories of Philip K. Dick, before the year 2000 you could literally count the number of movies inspired by him from one hand. Now it seems that almost every year one or even two movies are released that claim the great author as their inspiration.

Now we can add one more novel that will be turned into a movie. It’s the 1966 classic called ‘Now wait for last year’, strangely it doesn’t get mentioned often in the authors top five but then they either already have been made into a movie or are still in production.

A brief synopsis is in order…

The novel describes a future where the planet Earth has allied with an extraterrestrial species known as ‘Starmen in their war against another species, the Reegs.

No actors are as of yet attached but the creative staff will be made up by Barry M. Osborne and Dick’s own daughter.

The movie is set to start production in late 2012.

Meanwhile, here is a list of other Philip K. Dick movies in production.

Total Recall (remake starring Colin Farrell) set for release in august 2012.

King of the elves, an animated movie set for the holiday’s.

Radio free Albemuth, a plagued production that would finally see release hopefully in 2012.

Ubik, which is in an advanced stage of negotiation and also has the authors daughter attached.

The man in the high castle has Ridley Scott attached who wants to turn it into a miniseries.

Flow my tears, the Policeman said, has the Halcyon company behind it but other details are scarce.

So, even from a quick glance you can see we will be swamped by Philip K. Dick movies. Unfortunately, many will be mediocre productions like ‘The Adjustment Bureau’. But even that is better than the dreaded ‘Paycheck’ and ‘Next’.

Now wait for last year
Now wait for last year