July 20, 2024


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Person of Interest ‘The Fix’ Review!

After watching the sixth episode of Person of Interest I was once again amazed at how different the setting and feeling of the story was from earlier episodes. This shows seems to be able to renew itself over and over again. There are a small number of downsides to this continuous change such as a mythology which as of yet has an unspecified direction, for the moment I am not too bothered about that.

However that said, this episode, though spectacular, was perhaps the lesser of the five that went before it.

As for the story…

Reese takes the case of Zoe, a professional fixer, who uses her influence and her connections to powerful people to perform favours for her own clients. Zoe has been enlisted to retrieve an incriminating recording of a pharmaceutical executive from a rival company, but comes under threat when she hears the contents of the recording itself and realises that her employer is just as corrupt as his rival. Finch is almost overcome with emotion when he realises that Zoe’s case is connected to that of Dana Miller, a person of interest whom he was unable to save. Meanwhile, Carter takes a homicide case when the murder weapon is proven to be the same one that was used in the “Elias M.” case and begins to suspect that John Reese is more than just a vigilante.


The storyline of this episode has unfortunately not the same depth as previous episodes. The main story arc of Reese and Finch going after the corrupt pharmaceutical company is only interesting because Finch seems to take a more active involvement that really once again revealed what a brilliant actor Micheal Emerson is. Sure the story arc is delivered well, but some of the plot twists were a little too predictable and the situation during which Reese was held captive was resolved too easily. During the previous episodes we learned that Reese was not superman and this story arc went into the grain too much.

The side story this week was about detective Carter trying to solve the homocide of a mobster that had a connection to the stolen evidence of episode 3. Carter’s lead seem to take a curious twist that has the viewer baffled but more would undoubtedly be revealed in future episodes.

Person of interest continues to introduce more secondary characters every episode but soo far none have returned to the show. This is not uncommon during the first season of a tv-show but I would like to see this weeks character of Zoe back to help Reese out when he needs it.

Score; 8 / 10.

Viewer rating; N/A.

Next weeks episode is entitled ‘Witness’ and below is the preview…