April 16, 2024


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Person of Interest ‘Blue Code’ Preview!

Although I have said from day one that Person of Interest makes for good TV the sci-fi elements have so far been very light. Slowly that is changing, in the last few weeks with the introduction of the character Will Ingram (who is the son of Nathan Ingram) this has changed as ‘The Machine’ is being alluded to as an AI that can interact with its surroundings. The audience is lead to believe that ‘The Machine’ has run amok and can hear almost any conversation, this was demonstrated when in a flashback the late Nathan Ingram poured a cup of coffee over his keyboard before he was to meet with a CIA representative.

Last week an old acquaintance of both Nathan and Harold whom Will sought out only wanted to meet in an area where there were no WiFi connections. Both incidents allude to a AI built by Harold over which he has lost control.

This weeks episode of Person of Interest is entitled ‘Blue Code’ and may be somewhat more conventional as Reese needs to save an undercover cop whose social security number has come up. By the looks of the trailer and the stills Person of Interest sets to continue its depiction of realistic action.

Here is the trailer…

And here are the stills…