May 22, 2024

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TRON: Legacy


After the release of the 20th anniversary edition DVD of TRON in 2002 Disney started work on a sequel movie. It was in 2010 that the movie was finally released. Directed by Joseph Kosinski it had an ensemble cast with Jeff Bridges and Bruce Boxleitner returning to portray their characters from the original movie. The cast was further enlarged by Garrett Hedlund as Kevin Flynn’s son Sam, Olivia Wilde as Quorra and Michael Sheen as Zuse.

While I enjoyed the movie its reception was mixed, only recently has Disney decided to create a third movie – TRON: Ares. But this page is about TRON: Legacy, a movie that since its release has become more appreciated by critics, casual viewers and fans.

TRON: Legacy is unusual in that two short movies accompany it as prologue and epilogue. In 2008 at Comic-Con a short teaser called TR2N was shown. It depicted an aged Jeff Bridges as Kevin Flynn and the digital avatar C.L.U. who had not aged.

With the release of TRON: Legacy on Blu-Ray a short movie called TRON: The Next Day was released. It continued the Flynn Lives story by depicting a secret campaign by Alan Bradley to undo damage done by ENCOM. It also depicts the character Roy Kleinberg (Dan Shor) whose avatar RAM was a significant part of the original movie.


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The only significant book to date on TRON: Legacy is The Art of TRON: Legacy by Justin Springer. It includes concept art, profiles on the actors and characters and on-set photography. Basically it is a beautifully created coffee-table book highlighting the visual development of the production. There has been some criticism regarding the lack of concept art, in part this due to production being digital.

Currently, there is no other book on TRON: Legacy, which is a shame. Though I suspect it wont be long before we do get a book entitled

Tie-in media

TRON: Legacy has a surprising amount of tie-in media. When Disney pulled the franchise out of the freezer and oblivion they had the intention of turning it into something akin to Star Wars. As such there are novels, comics, an animated series and a rather impressive making of book called The Art of TRON: Legacy. However, the most famous tie-in media is of course the soundtrack created by Daft Punk, the only film soundtrack they had ever made.


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