June 18, 2024


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New The Dark Knight Rises Pictures!

Here we a number of high-resolution pictures of The Dark Knight Rises which is to be released tomorrow in Australia and New Zeeland and the day afterwards in the US.

The hype surrounding the movie seems to have hit fever pitch after the forums of movie website RottenTomatoes had to be closed when a row erupted over a few negative reviews. The consensus among people who have already seen the movie is that it is better than Batman Begins but not as good as The Dark Knight. They agree that Bane is not as intriguing as the Joker but the main flaw of TDKR is the rather rough storytelling, too many plotlines are happening at the same time while the human aspect of Gotham City seems to be absent for the most part. These criticisms are considered to be of minor importance and the movie is still graded as a ‘definite see’.

Director Christopher Nolan meanwhile has said that the character of Selina Kyle/Catwoman should definitely get her own movie. Nolan has also stated that he is done with the Batman franchise.

Below are the pictures for your enjoyment…

The Dark Knight Rises Imax poster