February 21, 2024


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New SyFy channel series ‘Alphas’ airs july 11th.

 The much touted new Syfy channel series ‘Alphas’ will definitely air on July 11th.

The series is a superhero/sci-fi themed story about five individuals (alphas) who discover they have special abilities. Each specializes in one ability and together they try to rid New York from evil.

At first this seems like another attempt on behalf of the Syfy channel to produce a series that would appeal to a greater audience by treating the Science-Fiction elements lightly. We will have to see if their attempts to come up with a series that isn’t as excentric as Fringe nor as uselessly techie as Numbers will succeed, as Sanctuary so far has not quite reached a sizeable audience.

Alphas stars David Straithairn and is produced by Ira steven Behr, famous from DS9 and Dark Angel.