July 20, 2024


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New Sci-fi TV-Series Ex-Comm revealed.

Ex-Comm is a new sci-fi drama from the hands of John Favreau (Cowboys & Aliens) and Roberto Orci (Fringe, the Island). The title refers to the Executive Committee that aids the president in protecting America from all strange and mysterious occurrences, and described as a cross between the ‘X-files’ and ‘The West Wing’, which are two of my favorite shows of the turn of the century. It certainly raises my anticipation.

At this moment the number of sci-fi shows isn’t too great, often the sci-fi elements are dumbed down. With Terra Nova in doubt, Eureka definitely ending after season 5 and Fringe’s probable cancellation that just leaves a handful of shows, Ex-Comm should make a difference. However, and yes there is a however. The show is described by its creative staff as having humor and ‘being grounded’. That last statement being a reference to the X-files. Now I don’t really mind both as both The West Wing and the X-Files had their share of humor (and doing a marvelous job at it), I am a little worried that this show might end up being like Warehouse 13, which was first described as a cross between the X-files and Indiana Jones. That has since become a mocking joke, one targeted at the SyFy Channel.

Because no teasers have been posted nor any actors confirmed for this project I’ll say it’s still in the early stages. Probably won’t be released until the third quarter of 2012. Untill then I will keep you posted on the latest developments.