March 2, 2024

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New Battleship Trailer!

For may 18th of 2012 the movie Battleship is scheduled to be released. Though it certainly has been announced  a while ago, so far I  felt this franchise was a joke. Hollywood bought up the names of board games and tries to turn them into light-hearted action flicks. nonetheless Peter Berg is attached to direct and has made movies such as Virtuality and Hancock, and yes they weren’t great either.

The premise of this movie is ‘Let’s copy Transformers’ and that’s it. Until this movie comes out and scores above average in quality you will never hear anything ever again on this website about this movie.

Here is the trailer…

And yes you did see correctly, they got Rihanna playing a petty officer, who is supposedly a weapon’s specialist. Her expertise being eye-liner.

And here is the poster…

Battleship - Peter Berg