April 18, 2024


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Deanna Troi (Marina Sirtis) wearing a skirt uniform

Deanna Troi wearing a skirt uniform

More details on David Mack’s Star Trek trilogy ‘Cold equations’.


A few days ago we posted news that David Mack was writing a new Star Trek Trilogy called ‘Cold equation’s that would center on the Typhon Pact as the main antagonist. It would feature the crew of the Enterprise-E and be released in october. David Mack has now updated his blog with details surrounding each of the instalments in the trilogy.


Here are the details.

Book One of the trilogy, which is written and now with the editor, is The Persistence of Memory, and it will put the Enterprise crew at the forefront of an effort to stop the Typhon Pact from exploiting stolen Soong-type android technology as a weapon of war.

In Book Two, Silent Weapons, Captain Picard and his crew must protect Federation President Nan Bacco when it becomes clear she has been targeted for assassination. However, in the course of their mission, the Enterprise crew discovers that there might be an even greater conspiracy lurking behind the assassination plot.

In Book Three, The Body Electric, the Enterprise crew is brought to the center of the Milky Way by an old friend — Traveler and former shipmate Wesley Crusher — to try to stop a massive sentient machine whose mysterious labors threaten the future of every civilization in the galaxy.

For all the details check out his blog by following the link below.

Source; http://www.davidmack.pro/blog/?p=4103