June 18, 2024


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More ‘Adrift’ concept art from DontNod Entertainment.

Ever since the announcement of Adrift, DontNod Entertainment’s first game, in late august this year the concept art for the game has been an instance sucess on the web. Personally, I have always been a little starved of Cyberpunk art and proper wallpapers are even harder to come by. For that reason I have uploaded the remaining concept art for the game onto this website for your perusal.

As for the game, well, since august nothing new has been announced, the release date is still fall 2012 but I am frankly sceptical that such a release date can be kept by a studio that is producing its first game and which seems very ambitious. Frankly it is  not even clear what kind of a game it is, though it is doubtfull that it is a straightforward shooter, more likely it is a shooter with rpg elements. Though whether it is Deus Ex like or Mass Effect like is still to be seen. Adrift has been rumored to have been in production since early 2009 and so it is possible that the game is in an advanced state of development, here’s hoping the silence will be broken soon…