April 16, 2024


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Jake McDorman as Brian Finch. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review!

Naz lays down new rules for Finch. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review!

The first season of Limitless is quickly drawing to its close. After yesterday’s episode there are just three left. Here is a quick Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review!

So Brian Finch (Jake McDorman) rejoined the FBI task force after his return from his sojourn in Russia. The inevitable consequences aren’t ignored. Naz places serious restrictions on Brian: no private office, permanent guards who babysit him everywhere he goes and an oral exam to make sure he swallows the NZT pills. Meanwhile Rebecca continues to investigate Senator Morra’s right-hand man, Sands. She suspects him being behind many of the events this past season yet along with Mike (Michael James Shaw) and Ike (Tom Degnan) she also suspects Brian being involved.

Mike and Ike. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

At the end of last week’s episode Sands discovered Morra’s nemesis Piper was still alive. This week Sands doesn’t beat around bush and ambushes Brian to let him know he has Piper. One of the agents Naz assigned to Brian works for Sands. Meanwhile Boyle becomes involved with Rebecca’s investigation. She reviews an elevator encounter between Brian and Sands and becomes convinced Brian is withholding information. Brian manages to evade his guards and contact piper, but a little while later Brian is handed a bloody necklace belonging to Piper (Georgina Haig). Brian suspects Morra had her murdered and confronts him while the senator is on campaign. There Morra tells him that Sands has not been working for him for weeks. Sands must have Piper. Now he has access to NZT and the enzyme to protect against its affects. The following day Brian is confronted by Rebecca at his safe-house. At gunpoint she demands he tell her everything.

Jake McDorman as Brian Finch. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

The consequences of Sands having access to NZT and the enzyme are enormous. After episode 16, ‘Sands, Agent of Morra’, viewers learned who he truly was. He was not the cardboard cutout villain Brian imagined him to be. In fact, the consequences of that episode lead Brian to run away from the FBI and to Piper in Russia. Limitless has for the past 19 episodes managed to evolve the plot dynamically very quickly. Now Sands is the arch-villain, not Morra, while Brian has a lot of explaining to do to Rebecca (Jennifer Carpenter) who has managed to piece together plenty that Brian overlooked. All this means the creative staff have done a wonderful job from preventing NZT from becoming the Deus Ex Machina it can easily become.

Colin Salmon as Jarrod Sands. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review

Yet, the noticeable developments of the Limitless mythology made the whodunit feel redundant. Sure, the story of how the wife of a billionaire murdered her husband and put out a false trail involving his artificially produced kidney was clever. Yet, it was only passably believable and original. Shows such as Limitless, Elementary and Person of Interest are often a hit-or-miss with such stories. Luckily, the whodunit ended early, allowing Brian to question Morra and Rebecca to confront Brian.

Jennifer Carpenter as agent Rebecca Harris. Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog's Breakfast Review.

So far Limitless has had a fantastic first season, with just a handful of bad episodes. This week’s episode is good and at times great, but it does proof the creative staff need to get more creative with their whodunit plotlines. Limitless will return for the episode ‘Hi, My Name is Rebecca Harris…’.  after a two week hiatus. Then will just be two episodes to conclude the season. This was Limitless S1Ep19 A Dog’s Breakfast Review! I hope you enjoyed it.