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Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World 2 Preview – Jeff Goldblum returns to the franchise

Jurassic World 2

Jurassic World 2

While the sequel to Jurassic World is still over a year away, details are slowly starting to emerge. Over the past few weeks the first images emerged giving us a look at the new movie. Officially, the sequel does not yet have a title, but is generally referred to as Jurassic World 2. The sequel won’t be directed by Colin Treverrow as he is busy with directing Star Wars Episode 9. Instead J. A. Bayona will direct the movie, with Treverrow acting as executive producer. Bayona has so far only got two major movies to his credit: A Monster Calls and The Impossible.

The movie of course stars Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, the raptor whisperer. Also confirmed to return is Bryce Dallas Howard. In Jurassic World she played Claire, the parks operations manager who famously outran a T-rex on high heels. It is not certain what how large her role will be in the sequel, but I think it is safe to say she will ditch her heels. Claire’s nephews, Zach and Gray, are not set to return but a cameo cannot be ruled out.

Jurassic World 2

Ian is back!

The biggest surprise cast change is the inclusion of Jeff Goldblum, who played the sceptic Dr. Ian Malcolm in what was considered a breakout role in the original Jurassic Park. No doubt Jeff Goldblum (I mean Ian Malcolm) will try and persuade everybody that whatever they are doing is a bad idea. The principal cast is completed by the return of B.D. Wong as Dr. Wu and James Cromwell as John Hammond’s former partner. On the latter I am already calling it – it will either be a T-rex or a raptor that gets him! Other cast members include Toby Jones and Ted Levine.

Regarding the story not much is known, as it should be. Supposedly an important story thread of Jurassic World is set to continue. The military is still interested in experimenting with dinosaurs to make them obey orders and kill potential targets. Owen’s last surviving raptor, Blue, will be the center of focus. Fans have speculated that Dr. Wu may play a much larger role than he has so far done in any of the franchise’s movies.

Jurassic World 2

What we don’t know

There is still plenty we do not know about the sequel to Jurassic World. So far we have yet to see any character images. That will probably change over the coming months, no doubt we will also see a teaser trailer released soon. In fact, the movie as mentioned does not have an official title. This has some speculating whether the sequel will be se in the Jurassic World theme park at all – or somewhere else entirely. Jurassic World 2 is set for release on June 22 2018, just over a year away. Certainly the movie is already on my to see list for next year. I hope you enjoyed this little preview of Jurassic World 2.

Source: Collider.com