March 4, 2024

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Iain Banks - Posthumous release of The Quarry

Iain M. Banks dies at age 59!

Iain Banks - Posthumous release of The Quarry Iain M. Banks dies at age 59!

Iain M. Banks dies at age 59!

Renowned Scottish Science-Fiction author has died of gallbladder cancer at age 59. The author who also use the name Iain Banks on some of his books is mostly known for his ‘The Culture’ series.

The Quarry.

Iain M. Banks will see one more book released posthumously. It is entitled The Quarry and will feature a youngster and his father who is dying of cancer. The novel will be released 20 June 2013 in the UK and on 25 June 2013 in the US by publisher Little, Brown and Company.

The Quarry cover - Iain Banks


Kit doesn’t know who his mother is. What he does know, however, is that his father, Guy, is dying of cancer. Feeling his death is imminent, Guy gathers around him his oldest friends – or at least the friends with the most to lose by his death. Paul – the rising star in the Labour party who dreads the day a tape they all made at university might come to light; Alison and Robbie, corporate bunnies whose relationship is daily more fractious; Pris and Haze, once an item, now estranged, and finally Hol – friend, mentor, former lover and the only one who seemed to care. But what will happen to Kit when Guy is gone? And why isn’t Kit’s mother in the picture? As the friends reunite for Guy’s last days, old jealousies, affairs and lies come to light as Kit watches on.