June 13, 2024


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Haven Banner Syfy

Haven Season 4 Comic-Con Trailer!

Haven Banner Syfy

As could be expected, Syfy took the opportunity to promote their flagship fantasy thriller Haven at this years Comic-Con. The lengthy trailer below at first just shows scenes that led up to the third season finale but eventually we get to see some new footage as well. What is clear is that our beloved group of characters are essentially split up. The half that stayed  behind will be joined by Colin Ferguson (Eureka) while those that went into the barn (Audrey and Duke et al.) are sent to an alternative world. That is, if I interpreted the trailer the right way.

Several things caught my eye. Haven suddenly looks a lot more creepy, it seems to have taken inspiration from Supernatural and Once Upon a Time. I certainly like the new look. I also saw Kate Kelton reprising her role as Jordan McKee, I certainly hope she will remain a recurring character. Dwight (Adam Copeland) will return in what hopefully will be an enlarged role.

The trailer makes is clear beyond doubt that the number characters for this show will be enlarged after the blood-letting of the third season. We will have to wait until September 13th to find out. The good news is that it’s release less than two months away.

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