April 16, 2024


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Haven S1Ep12 ‘When the Bough Breaks’ Finale Preview!

Haven Banner Syfy

And so without really noticing it we have already reached the first part of the finale of Haven’s fourth season. The second part will air next week. I say I didn’t notice it because I turned from a fan during season 3 into nothing more than a casual viewer during season 4. Season 4 was in my opinion nothing short of complete crap, especially during its second half. Let me sum up what I think was wrong with it.

1.  Lack of season long story arc. The bolt gun killer mystery was very effective during season 3. It really put the characters under a lot of stress as people they knew got bumped off throughout the season. It also was the impetus for Vince revealing himself to be  the leader of the Guard. Sure, we got some story arcs throughout season 4 but they just added to the snooze fest.

2. Diminished role of the Guard. The rise of the secret organization that protects troubled people in Haven started during season 2. Viewers were left wondering whether they were benevolent protectors or some sort of troubled-supremacist organization. Viewers were left speculating who was a member and why. It was a very effective jumping board for Kate Kelton’s character Jordan to get into the thick of it. During season 4 there was no mystery surrounding the guard, they seemed rather harmless and without much grit.

3. Special effects. Haven never had very good special effects to begin with but the larger set pieces of season 4 also made the CGI look more fake than ever before. Talk about jumping the shark! What should viewers think when you can count the pixels on a CGI shark!

4. Kate Kelton’s ignominious departure from the show caused it lose another female lead. Fans were speculating whether Jordan survived season 3, and when she did the shows creators turned her into a much disliked character just so they could bump her off. Her last episode salvation by turning away from the darkside was thus poorly repaid with her unceremonious body dump into the ocean. With her death I practically lost all interest in the guard as well.

5. What’s with Vince and Dave? During season 4 they seemed to have been pushed further into the background and when they do show up they act as two goofy fools. Vince is supposed to be the leader of the guard, so why isn’t he leading!

6. Don’t get me started on Wade!

7. The lead characters seem to have less grit. Both Audrey and Nathan didn’t manage to captivate me as much as they did in season 3. Audrey was no longer threatened by a meteor storm and Nathan turned from a  gritty sheriff into a beat cop who can’t write up a parking ticket.

So here are just seven issues out of two dozen or so that make me wish season 4 is the last of Haven. The season finale would have to perform miracles to pull this show back from cancellation. The creators just seem all fresh out of ideas. So for one last time, here is a trailer for Haven.

Well I watched it and though it was a bit bland, hardly a good footing for a season cliffhanger.

Source; http://www.syfy.com/haven/