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Bryce Dallas Howard at Golden Globes Awards 2016

Golden Globes Award 2016 – which were the best actresses on the red carpet?

Bryce Dallas Howard at Golden Globes Awards 2016

Golden Globes Award 2016

Along with all the reviews of movies and shows comes the glamour. Few events are more glamorous than the yearly Golden Globes Award. This years event was hosted on Sunday and of course included the red carpet event whereby every actress who is anybody tries to outshine everybody else by wearing the most beautiful or risqué dress permissible. In fact, plenty of not permissible fashion have become permissible by demonstrating it on the red carpet. This years focus may have been more on movies rather than TV productions. Actresses such as Rooney Mara and Cate Blanchett were heavily featured due to their recent success with Carol, a drama movie set in the 1950’s featuring the consequences of a lesbian relationship in that time era. Jennifer Lawrence managed to win the best actress award for her role in Joy. Though I suspect plenty of people are also eager she will finally be able to say goodbye to The Hunger Games as well.

An unexpected role in a recent TV show must have been Kirsten Dunst, in Fargo. Her role as Peggy Blumquist managed to earn her a nomination, but she didn’t win an award. The remaining list of prominent actresses was filled with big names such as Brie Larson, Bryce Dallas Howard, Olivia Wilde, Jaime Alexander and Julianne Moore. The awards season this year ends with the Academy Awards in May. In February there are also the BAFTA or British Academy Film Awards. So there is plenty of opportunity for you favorite actress, actor, movie or TV show to earn an award. Enjoy the pictures of the Golden Globes Award 2016 below. This was my article on the Golden Globes 2016.

Julianne Moore at Golden Globes 2016 Brie Larson at Golden Globes Rooney Mara at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Olivia Wilde at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Kirsten Dunst at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Jennifer Lawrence at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Jaime Alexander at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Emilia Clarke at Golden Globes Awards 2016 Cate Blanchett at Golden Globes Awards 2016

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