May 22, 2024

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Girlfriends Guide To Divorce S02Ep4 Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again Review

Necar Zadegan as Delia Banai. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, a review

Every once in a while I write a review for a show that is not sci-fi. Usually they are either fantasy, horror or some spy-thriller such as The Blacklist. This week I will review an episode of Girlfriends Guide To Divorce, the supposedly real drama show from Bravo starring Lisa Edelstein. Lisa plays Abby McCarthy who is in the midst of an ongoing separation from Jake (played by Paul Adelstein). This week’s episode, Rule #605: You Can Go Home Again, shows the aftermath of their attempted reconciliation.

Lisa Edelstein in teddy nd stockings. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

With this episode of GG2D things got serious very quickly. Where the first season dealt with the aftermath of Abby’s impending divorce with Jake the second season is about their reconciliation. This is marred despite their best efforts to continue their marriage and not be angry with each others flaws and the things they did not say when they were separated. Slowly the episode moves to the inevitable conclusion that their apparent comfort with each other to discuss hard topics means they will divorce. In many ways Abby puts away her childish antics that lead to her to being in denial of the new life circumstances in which she finds herself.

Phoebe talks to Jo and Delia. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Girlfriends guide to divorce has more storylines to draw from. Some can be considered a hit or miss affaire, but this week they were all brilliant. Delia Banai (played by Necar Zadegan) continues her efforts to arrange her marriage to Gordon Beech. That also involved picking their new home. Things take a strange turn when Gordon insists the home should have two master bedrooms, arguing it is more romantic. Delia begins to wonder whether Gordon is having second thoughts about their marriage and confronts him about making decisions to living arrangements without asking her. Delia forces the issue when after a bout of sex in the villa they intend to purchase, she insists on one bedroom. Gordon reveals his idea was just to make sure Delia is certain about their marriage.

Delia and Gordon arranging the bedroom. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Meanwhile Phoebe (Beau Garrett) deals with her desire to discover herself after her own divorce. She wants to partake in a risqué photoshoot but during preparation has to deal with the bigoted response from the other models and staffers regarding modelling in general. Sher cancels the shoot after a falling out with a fellow model. To Delia and Jo she announces she is still looking for a change, but she is not willing to give up on her new found principles.

Lisa Edelstein skinny dipping. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Girlfriends Guide To Divorce reminded me more than usual of Sex and the City and Californication this week. With Abby and Jake planning to spend the weekend together there are plenty of opportunities to boost the ratings. Some, such the near-naked food fight edged on disgusting while the scene with Lisa Edelstein wearing a teddy with garters and stockings seemed charming but also hollow. It was the skinny dipping scene that actual felt real. Their comfort with each meant they could tell each other things they had wanted to do for a long time. It was also the scene that acted as the catalyst for the final dénouement.

Phoebe (Beau Garrett) at photoshoot. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce

Despite this week’s antics I found the episode to be more serious than ususal. The divorce between Abby and Jake is now for real, pushing the series into a new realm. That said, if the divorce is real the storyline of Abby will need to change as during the first season she already dealt with the aftermath of her separation. Meanwhile Delia’s and Phoebe’s story continue to interest me, for the foreseeable future I think they will be important pillars of the show. Meanwhile I am not certain about Jo, her character, like Lyla seems too weird to me. Girlfriends Guide To Divorce maybe for many an acquired taste, the show has not honed itself as well other similar show, but maybe it shouldn’t. And maybe the shows creators don’t want to. Consider adding GG2D to your binge list for this Christmas holiday.