July 20, 2024


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CBS Star Trek series

First teaser trailer for CBS Star Trek series

CBS Star Trek series

CBS Star Trek series

Finally with little more than 6 months to go we finally get a glimpse of the new CBS Star Trek series. CBS has released an announcement trailer for the series set for release in January 2017. Finally fans have a concrete announcement that Star Trek is returning to the little screen where it belongs. Though only the series premiere will be released on CBS as the remainder will released on CBS FULL ACCESS, its streaming service. So without further ado. Go watch the trailer below…

Star Trek 2017 teaser trailer…

Though the teaser did not show any actual footage or reveal any new information it did promote the tagline “New Crews, New Villains, New Heroes, New Worlds“. That at least seems to indicate that Brian Fuller’s show is heading into a new direction. Rumor has the show may not be focused exclusively on the Enterprise. Fans have speculated if that means the episodes will have stories that are serialized as opposed to procedural. At this moment it is not even clear during what time or in what timeline the show is set. Consensus has the series set in the pre-J.J.-verse somewhere between The Original Series featuring Captain Kirk and The Next Generation. In Star Trek Lore that is a murky period.

At this moment it is not even clear who will star in the series. Actual filming has to commence, that is set for the 4th quarter. All we know is executive producers besides Brian Fuller are Alex Kurtzman (Sleepy Hollow, Limitless), Heather Kadin and Rod Roddenberry (Gene’s son). On the writing staff only Nicholas Meyer has been confirmed, his credentials include The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country. So today’s teaser release may not reveal much but it is a foretaste of things to come. Expect extensive news coverage of announcements about who will star in the series over the coming period. This was CBS Star Trek series teaser release.

Source; Blastr.com