February 21, 2024


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“Fahrenheit 451” Ray Bradbury dies!

ray bradbury - fahrenheit 451Ray Bradbury, the legendary writer of science-fiction, fantasy and horror died yesterday at the age of 91. Ray is of course mostly famous for Fahrenheit 451, a story were everybody has joined together to create a complete dystopia for those enlightened who happened to think differently. The story follows Guy Montag, a fireman whose job it is to burn books, all books, but slowly changes his mind as he can’t identify the society around him with his own feelings.  Well, after Ray’s death it will come down to us all to be like Guy Montag and voice our opinion when we want to.

Fahrenheit 451


Ray is of course also famous for his row with filmmaker Michael Moore who used the title Fahrenheit 9/11 as an allusion to America having some dystopian elements, Ray himself was an avid conservative who didn’t like Moore’s borrowing. I’ll just say they both have a point and we will leave it at that.

While browsing the internet on Fahrenheit 451 I came across the cover of the 50th anniversary edition of the novel and I just can’t resist showing it hoping it will set loose the memories that you have of reading this magnificent novel. My memories take me back to reading this book until 3AM in the morning on hot summer nights, waking up at first light on 5AM and continue reading until late in the morning, I just couldn’t put it down.


Please don’t forget Ray’s other works such as The Martian Chronicles which is a collection of short stories.