May 22, 2024

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Ender’s Game trailer released!

Ender's Game movie banner - Asa Butterfield and Abigail Breslin

A few weeks ago I gave a small preview on Ender’s Game after several still pictures were released. Last week a teaser trailer was released but today we are also the happy recipient of the full trailer for Ender’s Game. The movie is scheduled for a November 1st release in the US and will star Asa Butterfield (Hugo) as Ender Wiggin, Harrison Ford as Colonel Graff and Hailee Steinfeld as Petra Arkanian. Last week along with the teaser trailer a still was released showing Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham. After his appearance in Iron Man 3 I think it is a good idea that he remains to do such high profile movies. Ben Kingsley also visually seems to resemble the Mazer Rackham from the novel very closely. And to think that Will Smith was once mulled for the part!

Well, without further ado. Here is the trailer for Ender’s Game.

Now that is what I call a trailer. If you want to see it in cinema’s than buy a ticket for Star Trek Into Darkness as it will be shown with that movie.

The song heard in the trailer is of course from Tron Legacy!. It is quickly becoming the standard fare for trailer and sneak peeks.

Below is that still picture of Ben Kingsley that I owed you…

Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham - Ender's Game movie
Ben Kingsley as Mazer Rackham