March 4, 2024

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Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes. Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes. Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

In this weeks episode, Who Is That Masked Man, Sherlock (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson investigate a triple homicide. Yet it is the continued investigation in Sherlock’s father Morland that provides drama, mystery and even a hint of sympathy for both as they the issue that separates them, Sherlock’s mother.

The episode starts in a farm house near Montreal Canada. Watson, pretending to be a hot Quebecois dame called Nicolette lets herself into the house of the daughter of the woman who was murdered in the attempt on Morland’s life, Sabine. A furious Morland quickly confronts Sherlock and demands he not consider Sabine a suspect in her own murder. This sets the stage for the remainder of the episode as father and son duel with words and silence the topic that has separated them for over 30 years, the death of the Sherlock’s mother.

Joan Watson A.K.A Nicolette.

Meanwhile, back in New York Sherlock and Watson investigate who shot-gunned three members of a Triad gang. It quickly becomes clear that the suspect wore an elaborate mask to gain entry to the men and make his escape. However, as Sherlock is pre-occupied with his father it is Watson who takes the lead. They manage to worm their way through slithers of evidence into the Chinese-American community and discover an unlikely suspect, a mortician with no connection to any of the tree men.

Sherlock and Watson question the Triad leader. Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

Sherlock helps when he can, but alternates his time between sleeping, questioning Triad members and confronting his father. In the end Watson and Sherlock discover the motive the mortician had. He sought revenge because the head of a daycare center for the elderly was killing his patient after he persuaded the to depart with their money. He split the proceeds with the Triads. When he confronted the perpetrators he was stabbed. After the morticians received a terminal diagnosis he sought to seek revenge and obtain the illegal proceeds to pass to his family.

The episode ends with Sherlock stating to Morland he knows that Sabine did not orchestrate the assassination and perished by accident. Her email account had been hacked and thus what Morland believed was an impromptu engagement was in fact known to the killer who managed to prepare an ambush.

Morland Holmes. Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

As may become evident from this review the story felt muddled. On the one hand there was the homicide-of-the-week, a triple Triad job, and on the other hand there is Sherlock’s investigation of whom tried to assassinate his father as well as his troubled relationship with said father. The story of the triad homicide never really catches on, its too surreal, but kudos to Watson for being able to work without Sherlock. The latter seems to alternate between sulking about his mother’s death, anger towards his father and attempting to help with the homicide.

Lucy Liu red long skirt. Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review

As such this episode is not a great Elementary episode, its saved by the prospect that a number of avenues regarding the attempt on Morland’s life are now closed. So far, the introduction of Morland to the show has worked, but it has come at the cost of its secondary characters which have become almost absent. The raw feelings Sherlock showed to his father harkened back to the moment he discovered who Moriarty truly was and when he savagely beat Oscar. Yet, the show will have to try harder to keep me entertained. The mystery element is quickly disappearing, episodes feel too familiar after 3 and a half seasons.

This was Elementary S4Ep14 Who Is That Masked Man Review. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you’re interested in the fashion of Elementary check Joan Watson’s Fashion Show.