February 21, 2024


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Elementary S07E01 The Further Adventures Review

After almost a year Elementary is back for its seventh and final season. I have been reviewing the show since the beginning. And though I have complained about some of its weaker aspects I am always grateful to see Lucy Liu as Joan and Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock return as the famous detective duo. Elementary can be formulaic at times. The murder mystery is just a prop for character development. That is also the case with this episode – The Further Adventures.

And so the murder mystery is bit of a let down. The victim, a famous paparazzi model was attacked with acid by her plastic surgeon because he had made the incorrect surgical procedure. Sadly viewers could pin it on him as soon as he made his introduction. Elementary is at its best when the mystery is dark and complicated.

Spillover from season 6

I can understand the creative staff not wanting to focus on the mystery in the season premiere. And this episode has plenty of character development to entertain the viewer. Joan and Sherlock find themselves in exile in London after Sherlock admitted to murdering Rowan.

As you may remember Rowan was a serial killer who targeted captain Gregson’s daughter, Hannah. It was of course Hannah who murdered Rowan. Sherlock confessed because it looked as though the FBI would pin it on Joan – who also had a run in with Rowan.

And so all the drama of season 6 just spills over into season 7. Right from the start it becomes clear that the new status-quo will not remain. Marcus has convinced Gregson to do the right thing and ensure that Sherlock can continue his career. Just how Gregson can achieve that without sending his own daughter to prison remains unclear.

Its all Elementary in London

Meanwhile in London we see that our detective duo has managed to successfully continue their careers. After solving a case involving the Lost Pearl of the Borgia’s they set onto the aforementioned acid attack. But at all that is not important, it is backdrop to an increasing amount of friction between them. Joan states she misses New York, her friends and colleagues there and her career with the NYPD.

Sherlock has the opposite feeling. To him London is home. Between them stands Kitty who tries her best to keep them talking to each other about how they feel. The situation is a far cry from that of the end of season 6 when I thought Joan and Sherlock would start a permanent relationship.

It is obvious though that the creative staff are signalling a return to New York later in the season. Perhaps the creative staff wrote themselves into a bind with the season 6 finale. Sherlock’s deal with the US Justice Department means he won’t be extradited, but if he returns voluntarily he will be prosecuted. In fact, that situation is murky and as a plot device is rather weak.

Back to New York

I just hope the show won’t jump the shark too much in getting our duo back to New York. On that note this episode ended with a bombshell when Marcus phones up Sherlock to tell him Gregson has been shot. If there ever was impetus to return to New York it is now.

The viewer is left wondering whether the attempt on Gregson’s life has anything to do with his daughter. Gregson is in a bind if he wants to do the right thing by Sherlock, and so his daughter could be a suspect. Something tells me she is not the shooter – Elementary does not work that way. But perhaps it should if this final season is to be its best.

Below you can watch the promo for the next episode – Gutshot. Which spoils a little bit too much for my taste.