March 4, 2024

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Details on new Star Trek: The Next Generation novel trilogy revealed!

Deanna Troi wearing a skirt uniform

According to David Mack is writing a new trilogy that will feature the characters from The Next Generation. The Trilogy is called ‘Cold Equations’ and will see its first novel released in october.

The details he described are taken out of the new issue of Star Trek Magazine and it contains the following brief description.

In Book I: The Persistence of Memory, Picard and the Enterprise crew try to stop the Typhon Pact from raising an army of androids. Book II: Silent Weapons sees the Enterprise crew race to avert the assassination of the Federation president – only to confront an even greater conspiracy. Finally, in Book III: The Body Electric, Picard and his crew must stop a massive sentient machine from unleashing a catastrophe that will exterminate all organic life in the galaxy.