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Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Annie Walker

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Annie Walker

Annie is back or a new episode of Covert Affairs. This week she comes clean to both Eyal and Auggie about her heart condition as she pursues NSA analyst Wilson for being The Postman.

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review

Annie is helped by Auggie on getting a new lead as to whom plotted the Chicago bombing. A NSA analyst named Wilson has sold secrets to the Borz Altan. Joan is suspicious about this bolt out of the blue as Wilson seems to have very little reason to commit such crimes. As Annie tries to stalk Wilson her car is hit by a truck in what seems to be an accident. In the hospital Annie is confronted by a doctor who has discovered her heart condition. Anne contemplates that the CIA will discover she can no longer function in the field. Auggie confronts her with asking where she has been for the past 4 months. It transpires she was with Eyal in Israel seeking medical help. Eyal attempts to convince Annie that she should see this moment to try and find something else than a life of being a spy.

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Annie and Eyal

Meanwhile Joan’s arduous professional relationship with Calder Michaels continuous to spiral out of control. Michaels is seen having sex at a party for a senator which will no doubt have implications further in the season if it meant what he was baited. Joan’s instinct is to remain on guard of a man who seems oblivious of all the scheming and talk around him. Michaels is a man every fan of this show loves to hate, but I feel that the creative staff may have gone too far. Michaels has developed into a cartoon character whose spectacular downfall is so foreseen that we might as well skip the details. Joan’s husband Arthur continues the not so subtle efforts to elicit government contracts for a private intelligence community. Those who have paid attention know that McQuaid interrogated terrorist Borz Altan for over an hour in a previous episode. I think Altan worked for a competitor of McQuaid that is bent on destroying the CIA to receive more contracts.

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Auggie

If there is one thing you can always count is that Annie will remain focused on the ball. Even after she was by a truck and had to confess to Auggie her Myocarditis she is still keen to pursue Wilson as a suspect. Thing is, Annie doesn’t have much on him. Wilson is by all accounts squeaky clean. Instead Annie opts for the dirty solution by confronting Wilson’s wife about the affair he had. To any viewer this seems like a step too far, even Auggie and Joan have their doubts. However, it is elemental to Annie’s leap before looking personage that makes her character so much fun to watch. As for her Myocarditis. Eyal failed to convince her to find something else in life we can only ponder and discover how far Annie can sink before she starts swimming again. Auggie can’t really help her as he tries to convince her his life wasn’t over after he became blind, but Annie doesn’t seem to believe him.

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Joan Campbell

Things take a turn for the weird when Wilson attacks Annie as she is heading home. It is a weird move for a man who could rest assured that the evidence against him was weak. Annie kills Wilson with the weapon given to her by McQuaid which is a not so subtle reminder that the intelligence community is going private. Wilson’s character thus ends abruptly, personally I would have liked a Aldrich Ames on this show. Inside Wilson’s home details of another attack are found.

Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Arthur and McQuaid

Overall, this episode was at its best when Annie could do what she does best, get underneath everybody’s skin. Meanwhile Auggie’s relationship with Hayley continues to baffle me. I can’t make my mind up if she is either baiting him or truly in love with him. I am not sure Oded Fehr will be back later in the season though it seems unlikely he won’t. For now the true mastermind behind the Chicago bombing remain hidden, but I doubt what will remain so for long. This was Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review.

Score; 8.8 / 10. many interesting plot developments but a overall thread still alludes me.

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Covert Affairs S5Ep4 Silence Kit Review - Wilson